Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

“Sigma Kappa enhanced my educational and personal experience at Mines. Looking back, I don't know how I would have thrived without my sisters. From heartfelt talks in the kitchen to karaoke in the living room to late night studying in the dining room. So many of my best memories then and NOW come from Sigma Kappa 

 Kate Percival, Advisor to Vice President of Membership, Mines Graduate 2015


For our national policies, look here!

Academic Requirements

Each collegiate chapter sets minimum scholastic standards for its members to maintain. The standard of performance is set by the National Policy Handbook of Sigma Kappa. This reflects Sigma Kappa’s belief that individual excellence develops chapter excellence. Sigma Kappa chapters are expected to provide leadership in academics as well as in other areas of campus life. To learn more about the academic policies of Sigma Kappa, consult section VI of the National Policy Handbook.

Sigma Kappa Support

Sigma Kappa volunteers are truly the heart of our organization. Our volunteers' commitment to Sigma Kappa helps to ensure the longevity of the sorority and helps to create lifelong members of Sigma Kappa. In addition to our national headquarters staff, Sigma Kappa collegiate chapters are supported by our volunteers who serve as advisors, mentors, and friends. Each collegiate chapter is also paired with an alumnae chapter or ‘sister chapter’ because we know that collegiate/alumnae relations is an important part of member development

Risk Management

Sigma Kappa expects that all members will follow Sigma Kappa policy, college/university policy, and all local, state and federal laws. Sigma Kappa has a zero-tolerance policy for any hazing and actively  supports anti-hazing legislation. The zero-tolerance policy for hazing is addressed in more detail further below. The Sorority expects her members will make informed, reasonable, and responsible choices regarding herself, her sisters, her campus and the national organizations safe. Sigma Kappa has a number of policies designed to reduce the potential for harm to our members and to address situations where issues have occurred. Sigma Kappa requires regular education for the members on these policies. Collegiate Chapters and members are expected to self-govern behavior when it does not align with our values. Our risk management policies help to inform the use of a standards council process to address situations where issues have occurred. 


Sigma Kappa provides each member opportunities for growth and development. Whether serving as a chapter officer or participating in membership programming. During your time as a collegiate member you will be grow your skills in the five competencies Sigma Kappa’s education focuses on: National & Global Citizenship, Career Readiness, Meaningful Relationships, Self-Awareness & Development, and Holistic Personal Wellness. Through these competencies you will gain invaluable skills and experiences that will take you into the next phase of your life and beyond!

Lifetime Experience

After graduation, your daughter has the opportunity to remain involved in the organization for years to come. With over 165,000 members worldwide and 106 alumnae chapters in 34 states, your daughter has the opportunity to connect with women wherever she goes in the coming years. Alumnae membership looks different for each of our members. Some are involved in an alumnae chapter who meets regularly for activities and service events while others are advisors for a local chapter. Our members are able to continue their personal and professional development with Sigma Kappa through social and philanthropic activities with other alumnae members. The possibilities are endless and her Sigma Kappa involvement can and will look different over time based on her life experiences at the time.

Q: Will joining Sigma Kappa take away from my daughter's college education?

A: ​Absolutely not! Being a sister of Sigma Kappa opens you to a community of sisters who are in the same classes as you and always willing to help you study for an upcoming physics tests or be your partner in a group project. You also have access to upperclassmen who can help advise you on your major choice, personally recommend you to internships and research opportunities, and guide you to success at the Colorado School of Mines.

Q: Will joining Sigma Kappa make my daughter's grades go down?

A: Not at all; if anything, her grades will probably improve! Our chapter has consistently had one of the highest GPA averages among all of the Greek life organizations and our average GPA has also been higher than the all campus average and all campus female average at the Colorado School of Mines. In addition, our Vice President of Scholarship is dedicated to hosting study nights, keeping our study room organized, and helping us through any academic struggles that come our way. We even invite counselors from the CASA (Center for Academic Services and Advising) to come talk to us about managing our time and grades!

Q: Is alcohol allowed in the house or at functions?

A: As a dry chapter, there is a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol in the house. Any alcohol at outside events is restricted to members and guests that are 21 and up. In addition, the members and guests who are allowed to consume alcohol are not permitted to drive anywhere.

Q: What is Sigma Kappa’s hazing policy?

A: Sigma Kappa and the Colorado School of Mines both have a zero-tolerance policy on hazing. We believe hazing to be a destructive and degrading activity which is inconsistent with our ideals and standards. The dignity of every individual is recognized, and as such all forms of hazing are opposed. Every year Sigma Kappa’s nationwide participate in the RESPΣΚT Movement during National Hazing Prevention Week to remind those on campus, in our community and in Greek life that our school and especially Sigma Kappa has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing.

Q: ​What are the benefits of being in Sigma Kappa?

A: ​​Not only does Sigma Kappa build lifelong friendships, but it really becomes a support system away from home. Our sisters are always there for each other, from helping one another through a tough class to getting a sister an interview at their dream company to just spending quality time together.

Sigma Kappa also provides many leadership and service opportunities. All of our sisters are able to give back not only to our National Philanthropies, but to our surrounding communities as well through volunteering in events such as the Walk to End Alzheimer's and our annual DKMS Bone Marrow Drive.

Finally having as a member of Sigma Kappa you will find yourself surrounded by passionate, diverse, and amazing women who will be right by your side during your college career. The memories you make as a member of Sigma Kappa will last forever!